General Conditions

You are responsible: You are responsible for your own health and fitness. Consult a medical professional before commencing training, for regular check ups and at the first sign of injury. Partnerunning Academy Training programs require physical exertion and are undertaken at your own risk.

Injury: No matter how careful you are you can get injured or hurt while running or exercising. When signing up for one of our programs you accept responsibility for your own injury and agree not to blame us.

Medical Advice: We strongly recommend you have regular medical check ups. Furthermore we strongly recommend you use doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians and other medical professionals with experience in treating runners and sports people.

Service Delivery: Most Partnerunning Academy programs rely on the internet and services provided by companies including  Skype, GotoWebinar and Google. We also need electricity to operate. We use leading providers however from time-to-time we may experience service disruption. We apologize in advance for this. When it happens we will post updates on the website and social media as soon as possible. Individual and group events that may be delayed by technology problems will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Privacy: We don’t share your information and keep it confidential. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Disclaimer: Our Disclaimer can be viewed here.

Product Advertisements and Reviews: From time-to-time we advertise and review products, services and events. Sometimes we receive a commission on sales and sometimes we do not. We do our best to only promote items which may be relevant to our audience.

Travel: On occasions when we are attending running events we may be unavailable due to technology and travel issues. We will respond as quickly as possible and do our best to avoid downtime.

Uncertainty: If at any time you have questions or are unsure please contact us via the webforms, email and other contact options.

Personal Use: Programs are for personal use only and must not be shared, sold or distributed without  permission.

Copyright: Partnerunning Academy material is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.

Crossing the Line Guarantee

Do the training, start the race injury free, finish the race or the guarantee applies. Here is how it works:

  1. To be eligible you must follow your training program, do the required training and complete your weekly review each week.
  2. In the unlikely event you start your race but do not cross the finish line you are eligible for the Crossing The Line Guarantee.
  3. You decide if not crossing the finish line was due to your training program  or some other issue. You then decide if you deserve to invoke the guarantee.
  4. To receive the Crossing the Line Guarantee complete the webform included in your training portal. You will need to provide proof of starting and not finishing as contained in the race results. You may repeat the program or receive a refund.

Pay It Forward Guarantee

Enter your event, sign up for a training program and then withdraw from you event. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up for your event and sign up and pay for your Partnerunning Academy Training Program;
  2. Start training;
  3. For whatever reason you need to change events;
  4. Use the Pay it Forward webform to put your training on hold;
  5. Notify us as soon as you enter another race and we will restart your training at no additional cost.

The Pay if Forward Guarantee applies to programs paid in full.


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