A few questions on Crossing the Line.

What do I need to do to be eligible?

It is simple. Complete your training review each week. This provides discipline for your training and helps you improve your performance. It demonstrates you have been training, indicates your injury free status when you reach the starting line and maintains your eligibility for Crossing the Line.

How do I claim my Crossing the Line Guarantee?

The post race review enables you to request your Crossing the Line Guarantee. Any problems please email academy@partnerunning.com

Why don’t you guarantee finishing times?

There are too many variables to guarantee finishing time. Each course is different and conditions such as hills, wind and temperature make a difference. Furthermore race strategy, diet, taper and race preparation are amongst the variables that help or hinder race performance. These factors are beyond our control and whilst we are certain our programs will enable you to finish it is not possible for us to guarantee exact finishing time.

Why do I have to start my race injury free to claim the Crossing the Line Guarantee?

We advise against running when you are injured. Our programs will ensure your reach the finish line when your start injury free and we guarantee them on that basis.

Injuries that are easy to recover from can become chronic and threaten your ability to keep running if you do not treat them and allow adequate time for recovery. We are committed to long term sustainable running and fitness.

If your are injured our Pay it Forward Guarantee allows you to restart your training when injury free rather than risk further injury by running when injured.

Can I use the Crossing the Line Guarantee to Pay it Forward?

Yes absolutely. If you don’t make it to the finish and want to repeat the program for free you can. We encourage you to take this option so we can assist you identify what went wrong and to succeed in your next attempt. This option is also useful if you become ill during your event. Food poisoning and headaches are two examples of illnesses that can appear during a race.

Does the Crossing the Line Guarantee give me my money back?

Yes you can repeat the program or claim a full refund if you complete the training as indicated by your weekly training reviews, start the race injury free and do not cross the finishing line.

What if I decide I am going to miss my race goal and pull out of the race before I reach the finish line?

Mmm. If you think you might just give up because you will not make your goal time we probably are not the ideal run coaches for you. Our credo is based on never giving up and once we start we finish if at all possible and would only stop if unsafe to continue.

That said if you do decide to give up you can still claim the Crossing the Line guarantee under the same conditions as everyone else. We won’t ask any more questions and will rely on you to decide if you deserve a refund.

What if I get timed out and asked to leave the course by the race organizers?

If this happens, and in some events where they have tight cut off times it can, we leave it to you. If you want to Pay it Forward you can. If you think you deserve a refund then just claim it and we will send it to you. It is your choice.

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